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Why I am a Financial Advisor

About 40 years ago I realized playing centerfield for the Red Sox wasn’t my calling from God, as much as I wanted it to be. About 15 years later I figured out what my calling actually was.

After wrestling my way through micro and macro economics in college (admittedly odd for an Econ major), I ventured out into the real world and found myself working as a branch manager of the General Foods, and later Kraft Foods, Federal Credit Union. In my almost 8 years there, I particularly enjoyed helping members make smart decisions with their money.

Our focus was on quality service, instead of churning profits, so it was here that I truly learned the value of solid financial advice. Those lessons, like managing stock options, trickle down into my business every day as I help clients make decisions that have significant impact on their financial futures.

As I founded my own firm, the economic theories I knew from college, coupled with what I learned in the workforce, suddenly came together. I understood how markets work, and more importantly, that no one will ever know more than the markets themselves. Ken French’s famous quote rang true:

“The market is smarter than we are and no matter how smart we get, the market will always be smarter than we are.” 

So came my calling: to help people understand that they can have a great investment experience if they understand what is truly important.

I’ve made it my goal to guide people to recognize the truth from the fluff and misconceptions that permeate our industry.

Now I can walk the line between Wall Street and Main Street everyday, helping people just like you along the way. And at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

What We Do

Coordinate Kraft Heinz Pension + 401k Plans

Retiring from one of the last big American companies, Kraft Heinz employees are some of the fortunate few who have quality pensions and 401k plans. I understand the ins and outs of these independent assets, and can advise on how to set them up to serve you best now, and through your entire retirement.

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Personalized Financial Advice

The first step in a solid advisor relationship is getting to know each other. My job is to understand your goals, values, plans, options and assets. Only then can I give you the very best, most accurate advice for you and your future. When I have a deep understanding of your situation, I can manage your investments the right way, and help free you from the worry that too-often accompanies retirement.

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Retirement Transition Planning

Transitioning to retirement involves lots of decisions, big and small. We know how important each of these choices are, so we help you understand your options and empower you to take your best route to the retirement you desire. We’ll also create a Social Security maximization strategy for you and help you better understand Medicare supplement policies.

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Investment Management

After getting to know you, we’ll build a portfolio that allows you to sleep at night while still providing the growth you may need. We invest your money the same way we invest ours: with a long-term strategy based on common sense and robust research.

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