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What We Do

Coordinate Kraft Heinz Pension + 401k Plans

Retiring from one of the last big American companies, Kraft Heinz employees are some of the fortunate few who have quality pensions and 401k plans. I understand the ins and outs of these independent assets, and can advise on how to set them up to serve you best now, and through your entire retirement.

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Personalized Financial Advice

The first step in a solid advisor relationship is getting to know each other. My job is to understand your goals, values, plans, options and assets. Only then can I give you the very best, most accurate advice for you and your future. When I have a deep understanding of your situation, I can manage your investments the right way, and help free you from the worry that too-often accompanies retirement.

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Retirement Transition Planning

Transitioning to retirement involves lots of decisions, big and small. We know how important each of these choices are, so we help you understand your options and empower you to take your best route to the retirement you desire. We’ll also create a Social Security maximization strategy for you and help you better understand Medicare supplement policies. 

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Investment Management

After getting to know you, we’ll build a portfolio that allows you to sleep at night while still providing the growth you may need. We invest your money the same way we invest ours: with a long-term strategy based on common sense and Nobel prize-winning research.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Andrew, and I founded Fox Financial to help individuals and couples close to retirement sort through options, get real answers to common pre-retirement questions, and make plans for their futures.

During my time as branch manager at Kraft Foods Federal Credit Union in the early 1990s, I realized something was missing from our offerings. It was a great job, with great people, but while we were offering standard stuff like mortgages and car loans, we weren’t helping folks with true financial planning. So, by the mid-90s, I had taken the initiative to add a CFP credential to my name, and launched Fox Financial as it is today.

Now, I help folks with investment management, stock option planning and strategizing and general financial planning services that meet their needs. I love working as financial counselor and money manager to ensure my clients’ long-term financial goals are realized — just as they planned.

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